• 2009.06.27  Identified as the national high-tech enterprises

    2009.07.03  For the coal industry, the integration of a variety of wireless access and VoIP functions of the dispatching command system to get the Nanshan District Shenzhen science and technology research and development funds

  • 2010.02.01  Registered capital of the company increased to 12 million yuan.V5 gateway "

    2010.06.08  Applied to the light into the copper technology innovation fund of Ministry of science and technology, science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise award

  • 2011.07.01  Earthquake has technology for the first time to enter the field of triple play

    2011.07.28  "cloud" scheduling hi news, earthquake science and technology benchmarking

    2011.08.20  Earthquake has officially signed the China Petroleum Daqing Petrochemical Co electrical system transformation phase one project

    2011.09.23  Bid Heilongjiang Qigihar Agribusiness Group Chahayang farm project NGN+EPON

  • 2012.05.10  Of Guangdong Province, Shou contract re credit enterprises

    2012.08.03  Received three computer information system integration qualification

    2012.09.06  Won the bid for the Shandong Electric Power Group Corp emergency command center construction and transformation projectOctober

    2012.10.10  Applications in the next generation of the internet intelligent pipeline system research and development projects by the Shenzhen development and Reform Commission special support

  • 2013.04  Moonquake technology successful acquisition of UT Starcom mSwitch core exchange network.

    2013.07  It is the WCDMA Enterprise Station moonquake self-developed technology through the first call.

    2013.12  Moonquake technology science and technology sales reached 300 million, maintain 100% growth for 4 consecutive years