mSwitch IMS solution

Genew mSwitch IMS solution is an end to end solution,  released  first version at 1999 which called WACOS serviced for 70M PHS subscribers.Improved functionality and stability for years now we have very mature products to run  the IMS, NGN, and soft switch applications.The IMS solution can provide the network elements including UTEX call server, IMS signalling gateway,IM-MGW,MRFP,IM-HSS/HLR/SLF/AAA,AS server,SBC,and mBOSS. 

Genew mSwitch IMS solution support multiple terminal access.It support variety protocol fixed telephone and PBX subscribers,for the mobility suscribers it support 2G/3G/4G to access the system,and also it support the VoBB subscribers access through Wifi. 

Genew mSwitch IMS solution support convergent subscribers data management,and it can support to the operator to deploy an unified subscribers data center to simplify the network topology. It can achieve unified operation and maintenance, unified authentication, unified business data management and business release, to provide users with a variety of business. To ensure the 2G/3G/4G subscribers, fixed telephone, Wifi subscribers use a unified data center. 

Genew mSwitch IMS solution can deploy on the cloud platform, it combine with the industry NFV organization requirements,  the software hardware  is decoupling, provide a flexible and open virtualization system.


Parameter    value
Subscriber capacity    400K
Concurrent calls    120k 
BHC     4M
Concurrentcalls    120k 
BHCA    4M
Subscriber served by HSS    10 M
ENUM/DNS query    12K/s    latency<0.25ms
Concurrent calls    120k 
BHCA     4M
Subscriber served by NASS     3M 
Concurrent calls(announcement channels) supported    20K
Concurrent calls per SBC    32K
CDR processed per second by PSC    12K CDR/s