NGN power by GENEW mSwitch

Genew next generation system “mSwitch” is an IP based softswitch solution. Adapting the world´s most widely deployed softswitch technology. mSwitch is highly scalable and fully redundant system.It easily adapts to the ever-changing needs of service provider. 

Industry Leader:

  With a 50% market share in softswitch ports worldwide, Genew´s mSwitch is the proven industry leader.

Maximum ROI:

  Suitable for small and large service providers alike, the mSwitch allows for rapid service deployment.It fully supports multi-service, multi-access, and multi-media applications.

Vision for Growth:

  A network based on Genew´s mSwitch is positioned for growth. Additional revenue streams include IP phones and voice terminals,Intelligent Networking(IN) applications, and a rich portfolio of basic, supplementary, enhanced and value-added services.

Vision for the Future:

  mSwitch provides unlimited opportunities for future applications through its Open Services Architecture (OSA) support providing a smooth evolutionary path into the future.